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FNF Neo Mod

This exciting game gained popularity not only because of the dynamic battles, interesting plot and simple mechanics, but because of the original code that was released together with this product. It allowed many fans to create various additional content, including this cool FNF Neo Mod that you are going to try on this site.

Friday Night Funkin Game Online

The perfect rhythm game doesn’t exist? Then, what is Friday Night Funkin? The average indie game suddenly became popular because of various cool trends and videos on social media. Fans really liked the combination of simple mechanics, interesting plot and cartoon graphics with the small horror part, and FNF became the number one topic in the gamers community. Wonder, is it really that exciting? Try it now on this site for free!

Become the main character of the strange and fascinating story

You play a role of an average boy who wants to date his girl, but meets huge obstacles on his way. The boy named Boyfriend has blue hair and wears the hip hop style clothes. He is a beginner in the rap industry and his girl named Girlfriend is going to make him a popular rap artist

The plans are ruined by her family who doesn’t want such an average singer to be near their precious daughter. And one night the head of the family decides to challenge our hero to the music contest. Daddy is a famous rock musician, so you need to try really hard to beat him. And he is not the only person who will stay between the loving couple

Your second opponents in FNF are two monster kids who were sent to get the delicious meal to their boss. The meal is our girl, and you need to protect her and fight in a rap contest with them. The other members of her family will also try to get their daughter back. First, her beautiful mom fights with you alone, but then she unites with her father, and they together take over the mall with Santa and challenge you to free everyone. Also, the frightening monster with lemon head will personally come to test you and beat you to receive his desired meal

In Friday Night Funkin you can meet not only the original antagonists, but the fan created ones. Like the tricky phases that was the main character in the popular videos. It’s all because developers of the game released it with the original code. It allows many fans to create the cool funkin modes

How to play?

The Friday Night Funkin game consists of 7 weeks or levels. Every level has a new antagonist and the list of songs they perform. For example, Daddy sings three songs, like the dad battle. They sing notes, so you won’t hear words, rather, the random sounds. The only personage who sings the real songs in english is the lemon-headed monster. You can see the arrows over your character’s and antagonists’ heads

The main aim is to hit all notes in time after your opponent. On the screen you can see the line that has two sides. Your every successful hit moves Boyfriend closer to the enemy’s side and to victory. And your failures are the chances for your adversaries to win the fight. Your Girlfriend is also on the scene, helping you, but all the work you need to do yourself

Friday Night Funkin has three difficulty levels that can diversify the process. You need to show your speed and dexterity to pass levels on the maximum difficulty. The controls are simple – use WASD on your keyboard to hit the necessary notes and mouse to read texts to move by the plot. Discover the story of the strange ghosts, find out why the boy named Pico seems so familiar and where did you meet

Save people and Santa from her crazy parents and win the powerful tankman with your new friend. Get to the final beating your opponents and getting through all obstacles with your gorgeous girl and win.
All funkin songs and characters are different and unique and were made only for this product. But fans made many interesting modes. Enjoy the original version and various funny funkin modes here!