Carol and Whitty Friday Night Funkin

According to the Internet, this couple is the most popular among other characters in this game. Funny and strong girl and her explosive bomb guy gained huge popularity because of their appearance and cool abilities. This funkin ballistic version will show you their true skills in the music contest.

The original Friday Night Funkin characters also stayed in this version. You play with the blue-haired boy who was challenged to the music competition to show his skills and gain approval for his relationships with his girlfriend. During the process he meets various powerful antagonists, including his girl’s father and mother and even frightening monsters.

To win them he needs to sing 3 songs on every level. The arrows over his head give you the necessary information of what button on your keyboard you need to click to hit the right note. The main aim is to hit the arrows in time to score points and win against your opponents. And in this Whitty mod you will meet this crazy couple and battle with them too.

Carol is a girl in fashionable clothes with a cute hairstyle and good skills in singing. Her love interest – Whitty isn’t even a human. He is a strange creature with long legs and arms dressed in a bright costume. You know that between him and our girl’s dad was a huge conflict, so maybe you will gain his trust and make a new friend and ally in this tough battle.

Get to know Carol and her boyfriend better in this exciting version. Friday Night Funkin is absolutely free on this site and you have full access here. Play now and compete with all antagonists in dynamic battles!