FNF Neo Mod

This exciting game gained popularity not only because of the dynamic battles, interesting plot and simple mechanics, but because of the original code that was released together with this product. It allowed many fans to create various additional content, including this cool FNF Neo Mod that you are going to try on this site.

Despite having the same mechanics as the original game, this version adds new songs, characters and design to the process. But the plot story stays the same. You play the average boy who dreams of becoming a rap singer. He has a beautiful girlfriend who is going to help him succeed in this industry. But her family appears on his way. Her father arranges a music competition and is going to win it to show him that he can’t be with their daughter. And you need to win him and other opponents to show them your skill in rap.

Let us show you how to play. You can see arrows over your character and the enemy. Follow the notes and hit the necessary button on your keyboard to sing the song in time. Remember that your failure moves your adversary closer to the victory, so hit the right button. In FNF you have 7 weeks or levels. In every level you perform 3 melodies with your opponent. The number of funkin songs in this version increased, so you will sing the new creations and maybe even recognise the familiar melodies.

You can try all of them in the special free regime where you don’t move by the plot and just train your skills. Also, you can change the difficulty level and try your skills in the hardcore battles, where the speed of songs increases to the maximum.
You need to try really hard to beat the main antagonists in Friday Night Funkin. Good luck in this difficult mission!