Friday Night Funkin vs Pico

The rap battle is going well, you beat the popular rock star and even the frightening monsters. But it’s time for the strange and mysterious guy to compete with you. Let’s see if you are strong enough to beat him.

This is the story about a boy who wants to become a popular rap artist and get together with the beautiful girl named Girlfriend. But on their way they meet various obstacles. Her parents decide to challenge the boy to the music competition to show that his place is not near their cool daughter.

You need to play this boy and help him reveal all his skills and win all opponents in the tough rap battle. In this game you will meet a scary demon with a lemon head, all members of our girl’s family, the computer program, a terrifying ghost and even the personages from other famous products.

Pico is your third opponent in the competition. Girl’s father hires him to kill the main hero, but he has his own plans for our boy. Turns out, they met before, and he decides to have the rap battle with the main hero instead. To play and win, press the arrow keys following the notes of the song in time. You will pass 7 weeks in FNF with different antagonists and songs, so prepare for the hard competition.

Improve your skills in Friday Night Funkin, have fun in process and participate in dynamic battles with strong adversaries. Good luck!