All Songs Friday Night Funkin

Rhythm game always wasn’t the popular genre because of the monotonous mechanics and lack of an interesting plot. But FNF surprisingly became a hot topic on the Internet. Various platforms are full of cool content with this exciting game. But on this site you have the opportunity to try it and test yourself.

The story is about the guy and his girlfriend and their road to success in the rap industry. The boy named Boyfriend is a beginner rap artist, and his girl is trying to help him become famous. She knows a lot about the music because of her family – the professional singers. But their way is full of different obstacles that they need to overcome to become famous stars and even save their relationships.

And that’s not a typical love story, they are going to meet the furious members of her family who are against their relationships, the real monsters and other frightening creatures, discover the secrets her dad hides and even save the shopping center and Santa from the crazy parents. All you need to do is to win fascinating rap battles.

You will play 7 weeks with various antagonists. Every week has the set of songs you and your enemy sing. On the screen you can see your character, enemy, 4 arrows over your head and the same number over the other personage and the line in the center. To play, press your arrows button or WASD to hit the right notes in time after your opponent makes his move.

Your successful hits move your icon on the line and get you to the victory, while the failures get your adversary closer to beating you. Here in this funkin version you are able to enjoy the whole plot and fight with every existing antagonist. You can find the beautiful Roses song and other cool creations made by the popular band. They also wrote the fresh lyrics that our girl’s dad sings on the second level.

The original code was also released with this product, so you can try various funkin mods. Here you have the possibility to fight with the legendary Hatsune Miku and listen to her fantastic singing. Try this Friday Night Funkin all songs version and get to the final.