Friday Night Funkin Bonus Week

Are you ready for new powerful antagonists, cool songs and exciting battles? Then, this Friday Night Funkin version is for you. The game has many interesting novelties, so you need to try it right now.

As you know, the original game has 7 levels with various antagonists and songs. The story is about the average boy who wants to become a popular rapper with his girl, but her parents are against this relationship. And here the main hero’s tough path to popularity starts.

You need to path 7 exciting levels with strong enemies, like rock stars, scary monsters and strange creatures, computer programs and ghosts and beat them to get to the final. And here you receive the opportunity to try the last bonus week. Play it to discover who is hiding in the end waiting for the opponent in this music contest.

To play, pay attention to the arrows over your head. They show you the order of notes you need to hit clicking arrow keys on your keyboard. The controls in week 8 didn’t change, so you can train your skills in the previous levels or in free mode to meet the most powerful enemy. While the song is playing, hit all notes in time to score the maximum number of points.

Enjoy all Friday Night Funkin novelties here and spend time having fun in process. Reach the fascinating ending to discover all secrets and become a professional rap artist.