Friday Night Funkin Unblocked

The developers of this exciting rhythm game released this product with the original code which gave huge opportunities to the fans. They created many cool funkin mods, and you are here to try this fascinating version. Press the start button and enjoy the unblocked game on this site for free.

Friday Night Funkin has the interesting plot about the couple who meet the obstacles on their way to happy relationships and famous future. The main hero – the average boy with blue hair wants to become the rap artist and his girlfriend offers her help.

But their plans were foiled because of her strict parents who didn’t want their relationships to continue. Her father – a famous rock star challenged our boy to the music contest. Fortunately, his girl is going to help him win. But the list of his opponents increased, so you need to help him pass all 7 levels and get to the finish.

FNF has simple gameplay. You can see the arrows over your character’s head. Follow them while they sing various songs and hit the notes in time. The more right notes you hit, the closer you are to the victory. Watch your progress on the line in the center of the screen, because if your opponent’s icon is on your side, you can lose the battle. Every antagonist has a list of 3 funkin songs that you need to sing to win them.

To play, use your WASD buttons on your keyboard and show your skills. If you are not sure about your skills, train yourself in the free mode or try the process on the easy difficulty. You will fight with the average humans, like her father and mom, and real demons and monsters who want to steal your girl. So prepare for the dynamic and hard battles with different songs, including the ones with lyrics in english.

Various funkin rap battles are waiting for you here. Grab your microphone, start singing and surprise your enemies with your dexterity and speed.