Boyfriend FNF

Want to become a cool hip hop artist and win all street rap battles? Then, this exciting rhythm game is for you. You will play as a beginner rap singer who is going to compete in the 7 weeks music contest. And on his way he meets different powerful opponents, so he really needs your help.

Meet the main heroes – the blue haired boy with his beautiful Girlfriend. Fans were asking developers about the boyfriend name all the time, but the answer was surprisingly simple. Call him Boyfriend and you won’t miss, they said. So, after you get closer to the heroes and their story, you begin the first competition.

Your enemy on this level is the father of our Girlfriend – the famous rock musician. He is against your relationships, so the only way to get rid of you is to challenge you to this tough battle. So you appear on the scene with your first opponent – the professional singer and father of our girl.

You perform 3 songs together to decide the winner of the round. In Friday Night Funkin you need to follow the rhythm of the songs according to the arrows over the personages’ heads. Hit the right note in time with your arrow keys or WASD buttons. But her dad isn’t the last enemy for our BF. He hires the real demon and its monster assistants to capture the main hero, but they suddenly decide that GF will become a better meal for them.

And now you need to protect your girl from these frightening creatures. Later in the game you will fight with her mom, other powerful singers and even the scary ghost. Meet your favorite personages from other products in FNF and discover their music abilities. Improve your skills and show them the real speed on the maximum difficulty level.

Exciting adventures and dynamic battles are waiting for you in Friday Night Funkin2. Just press the start button to play and enjoy your leisure. Diversify your boring Friday and relax.